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What goes on the first-time you have sexual intercourse?

What goes on the first-time you have sexual intercourse?

Everyone’s time that is“first is various. But probably the most crucial elements of being ready for intercourse is making certain you utilize contraception and condoms to simply help avoid maternity and STDs. Here’s what the results are once you lose your virginity.

Does it harm to get rid of your virginity?

The very first time you have genital intercourse , it might harm, or feel great, or both. There can be painful bleeding the very first time a penis or fingers get into your vagina, nonetheless it does not occur to everyone. Some individuals obviously have significantly more hymenal muscle than other people — this painful bleeding sometimes happens when their hymen gets stretched.

If bleeding and pain doesn’t get better after the 1st time you’ve got genital intercourse (penis-in-vagina), you can gradually extend your hymen muscle together with your hands with time making it less painful. In infrequent cases, people might need to visit a doctor for a procedure that is small start their hymen. If you should be concerned about your hymen or have pain while having sex, talk to the doctor or visit your regional Planned Parenthood wellness center.